Luxury Travel: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini are a Must

The AthensMykonosSantorini trio of Greek destinations remains a popular choice among independent luxury travelers to Greece, according to US – based, destination management company Eurobound.

Specializing in providing luxury tailor-made European tours packages, Eurobound predicts that travelling to Europe will continue its momentum in 2023 but gives a note of caution for last-minute bookings.

According to the DMC’s President Brigitte Armand, many hotels are already booked up for 2023 high season and clients should not delay confirming their trips “or they may risk being left out completely”.

Looking into 2023 travel trends, Eurobound’s Sales & Marketing Vice President Jeff Roy notes that there is a bigger interest in traditional destinations like Italy, France, Switzerland and Greece, rather than adventure travel.

More specifically, Roy sees “classical European destinations and the grand tour of Europe getting back in style”, citing country pairings like France and the UK, Ireland and Scotland, Spain and Portugal, Germany and Austria, and Switzerland and Austria, among the most popular.

“Within countries, popular trios are Athens, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece; Rome, Florence, and Venice in Italy; and Paris in combinations with Champagne, Bordeaux, Normandy, or the French Riviera in France,” adds Roy.

Other 2023 travel trends, according to Eurobound, include honeymoon, anniversary and family vacations, as well as food and wine tourism which will continue to be a major attraction for US travelers.

At the same time Roy, gives his note of caution for 2023’s global travel forecast, since “hotel prices have risen considerably, and clients may not be as willing to trade up”.

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