The Top 10 Things To Do While Visiting Santorini

The Volcano And Hot Springs

Nea Kameni is the volcano that you can spot from almost every vantage point on the western side of the caldera. While still active today you can visit this dormant volcano and even hike to the top. Its peak offers fabulous views looking back onto the island of Santorini, where its towering cliffs make the villages seem a mere sprinkling of whitewashed homes.

An incredibly special feature of this volcanic island is that there is a natural hot spring located in one of the bays of the islet. You can reach the hot spring by boat, from which you can dive into the warm waters of this cove. Due to the high sulfur content of the water, it may tarnish what you swim in, so decide carefully what you’d like to wear. Some, however, may like to stick to their hotel pool, and if you’re traveling in winter many hotel pools are heated!

Santorini sailing offer private tours where you can travel in luxury around the island and beyond, including a stop at the volcanic hot springs. So, make sure you add this to the top of your list of things to do in Santorini.

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